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Alzheimer’s Consultant and Dementia Training Expert

Mark Norris, M.A. in Andragogy, Founder and Director of the Montessori Alzheimer Center

Mark is a Special Care Counsellor, a Certified ADHD Coach, and since 2015, he has been a dedicated and inspirational practitioner and instructor in the Montessori Method Adapted for the Cognitively Impaired.

After a rich and rewarding teaching career that spanned 15 years at the CEGEP du Vieux Montréal and focused on special care counselling, he turned his attention to the field of Social Gerontology.

Inspired by the unlimited possibilities, Mark immersed himself in the study of the Montessori method adapted for the cognitively impaired with two foremost experts in the field: Dr. Cameron J.Camp (creator of the adapted Montessori method) and Jerome Erkes of AG-D.

Fully conversant with the methods and principles of adult education, he used his expanded knowledge of the adapted Montessori method to develop his own unique brand of educational programs for Canadians, in both official languages.

Mark has a visceral connection with his audience. He is an engaging speaker who creates a dynamic learning environment full of relevant and real-life examples pertaining to the subject matter.

With his programs now widely available and well attended, Mark and other members of the team envision a whole new world when it comes to the care and treatment of seniors living with dementia.

Mark is passionate about his calling and enthusiastically embraces every opportunity to share his knowledge, information, advice, and insights about helping people living with cognitive disorders.

Mark will expound on the importance of identifying and encouraging the use of preserved capacities and how we must focus on what the afflicted person can do, and not what they are no longer able to do. He strongly believes that a dementia diagnosis should never be reason enough to relegate a person to the chair in the corner… it should not mean the diagnosed person is ‘persona non grata’.

He is their champion, their advocate who truly believes in them and the significance of their contribution to the world they now live in.

As Founder and Director of the Montessori Alzheimer Center, Mark is the inspirational leader of a passionate team of like-minded individuals. He has created a company culture where everyone strives to educate, enlighten, and enrich the lives of industry professionals and caregivers who will take away the skills and mindset to have a profound and wonderful impact on those around them who just happen to be living with dementia.

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Chantal Marchand

Chantal Marchand has been working with seniors for nearly 25 years.

First, she worked as a recreation technician in both public and private residences for autonomous or frail seniors.

Since she is as passionate about psychology and helping relationships as she is about animation, she returned to school from 2007 to 2010 to become a Human Relations Therapist.

This led her to work with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and give various personal development workshops and conferences on different themes.

In 2019, she is resuming her studies in Social Work to obtain her BAC in this field.

Now working part-time in the health care network, she is using her knowledge and experience to offer the Montessori Training adapted for seniors with cognitive disabilities.

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Celine Bosse

Céline Bossé – Health professional living in Alberta since 1998. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and Nutrition, obtained from the University of Montreal in 1981.

In 2007, Celine specialized in public health to better respond to the needs of health prevention. 

For a few years, she collaborated as a lecturer in the university’s department of Nutrition where she developed her passion for teaching and perfected her communication techniques to master the transfer of knowledge more effectively.

Afterwards, Celine pursued experience as a Food Service Manager for seniors’ residences, a clientele with whom she practiced her profession for over 5 years.

As soon as she arrived in Calgary, Celine became interested in working with a younger clientele, namely those attending the French elementary schools in the region.

Celine is also passionate about French-language services and supports community organizations seeking to develop health services for Francophone communities living in a minority setting.

In 2017, she became interested in the Montessori Method adapted for the cognitively impaired in order to meet the growing need for training in cognitive health for families and caregivers.

Over the years, on Celine’s father’s side, she experienced the impact of cognitive disorders on the family.

She sought out the help she needed to support her brother and sister during that time.

It is the combined fruit of her personal and professional experiences that she wishes to share with others, and it is her sincere hope that she can make a difference in your journey as an elder care worker or caregiver.

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Dianne Miethner -centre-montessori-alzheimer-quebec-canada

Dianne Miethner is the Executive VA for Director, Mark Norris.

She helps drive his mission to make the Montessori Method Adapted for the Cognitively Impaired the favored and most widely used approach for interacting with people who are living with Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, Parkinson’s, or any other type of cognitive impairment.

Drawing on many years of business administration and management experience in corporate positions and in small business ownership, Dianne assists the Director with everyday business activities, organization, communications, client service, and community outreach.

Having authored numerous articles and publications throughout her career, Dianne plays a role in crafting our communications to subscribers. She also actively works on developing customer relationships, particularly throughout English Canada.

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