Alzheimer Training – Abridged Version

Alzheimer Training – Abridged Version – Montessori Method Adapted for the Cognitively Impaired – for Individuals – Non-Certified Program – Coming Soon

This Alzheimer Training Abridged Version of the adapted Montessori Method is non-certified and intended for Community Organizations who work with caregivers and also for caregivers who accompany a loved one. 

Online training available soon.



To change the perceptions attitudes and beliefs of caregivers regarding the preconceived ideas about the limitations imposed by the disease.

To develop appropriate knowledge, skills & appropriate behaviors in caregivers.

Understand reactionary and disruptive behaviors, very often symptomatic of unmet needs.

Allow those accompanied to have greater control in daily life and staying at home as long as possible.

Developing meaningful roles and routines for the caregiver.

More respite in daily life.

More confidence in their abilities and insight as a caregiver.

More concrete tools to solicit and support the preserved capacities of the person with dementia.

Offer strategies for more harmonious communication between the caregiver  and the person being cared for despite the stage of the disease.



We will contact you to arrange mutually convenient dates and times.


Pedagogical methods :

  • Questions for reflection/exchanges
  • Case studies
  • Examples/videos based on the application/integration of the Montessori Method in various environments
  • Analysis of problematic behaviors / solutions
  • Practice of the participants in the field between each module


Pedagogical tools :

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Examples, Video clips
  • Support Tools


Fee:  Please inquire: Mark Norris, Director (418) 337 8092

Special rate may apply for community organizations – please inquire.

 Who Should Attend:

Practitioners who are working with caregivers and/or working directly with those diagnosed.

For Certified Intensive Individual Training, please check here.

Training offered in both official languages.

For more information contact:  [email protected]