Current Approach vs. Montessori Approach

At the Montessori Alzheimer Center, we are committed to giving you proven, functional strategies and tactics to resolve – among other things – the communication difficulties and confusing behaviors often experienced by caregivers, practitioners and those with Alzheimer’s disease.  

All of our programs are geared to implementing person-centered approaches to care.

Take a look at this chart where current approaches and adapted Montessori approaches are compared.

The change can have a significant impact on the quality of life for the afflicted person and on the overall satisfaction of those who look after them and care about them:


Current Approaches Adapted Montessori Approach
One activity at a time provided Multiple activities available at a time
Topics of outside speakers determined by staff Outside speakers chosen and invited by residents
New residents welcomed by staff New residents welcomed by residents
Staff provide entertainment Residents select entertainment, and can provide their own entertainment
Focus on the facility Opportunities to engage with a larger social network and the world
Provide care for the residents Allow residents to take care of themselves as much as possible
A hotel model A community model

(From : Montessori Method Adapted for those with cognitive deficits. Innovative proven ways to enrich lives.

Overview presentation. Cameron J. Camp lll & Associates. 2018)

Center for Applied Research in Dementia