Dementia Care


Dementia Care

The Montessori method adapted for the cognitively impaired – a method based on rehabilitation and adaptive techniques – provides the nexus between the perception of the person living with dementia and the reality of that person.

Recognizing the whole person and working to bring out the very best in them is what helps people living with dementia become more confident and responsive as their emotional intelligence and practical skills increase. It also helps them become more comfortable in their home-like environment, which is a natural result of the implementation of the Montessori method.

Dementia care – this is a culture change.
It transforms lives and sets a new standard in dementia care.

Residence management and staff who are trained in and practicing the Montessori method work hard and give a lot of themselves to improve the lives of their residents, and the emotional investment pays off for all.

They understand and value what makes people feel alive…and empowered.

When people living with dementia have their feelings considered, they feel emotionally fit and naturally engage more with caregivers and their community – they interact more with what is all around them, and it shows in their level of wellness.

More caregivers and more residence owners and management are recognizing that implementing the Montessori method adapted for the cognitively impaired is, without a doubt, a better way to live, to care for their residents, and to do business, and they are investing emotionally and financially in order to make life better for all parties.

If you haven’t already started, now is the time to evaluate your workplace and think of ways to bring everyone together – staff and residents. The Montessori method is an affordable, proven, science-based method that will empower both personnel and seniors with Alzheimer’s.

With the right approach, you can inspire and empower those around you to change the culture to one that enables residents to actively participate in decision making about their own care and to engage in meaningful activities that make the best use of their preserved capacities and so much more.

The Montessori method provides the know-how and tools to enhance your vision and mission. Start now…

Create the culture change for dementia care in your organization.
Encourage laughter and a sense of family.
Create a home-like environment where a group of people live, love and support each other.