Memory Cafes

Memory Cafes ( by Zoom ) – Free of Charge

The Montessori Alzheimer Center has introduced Memory Cafés to support people in the mild stage of cognitive impairment.

Memory Cafés provide a forum for those recently diagnosed and/or with mild cognitive disorders to express themselves and to share and exchange ideas with others in a similar situation.


  • Help people to feel less isolated and less lonely
  • Provide an opportunity to share in a safe and empathetic environment
  • Improve quality of life and have more control over it, despite the disease
  • Learn new skills and strategies to better cope with various challenges such as communication, conflict resolution, etc.

Memory Cafés will be held twice a month or according to the wishes of the participants in the group.

Maximum 10 per group.

Memory Cafés are complimentary.

Complete the form below and click on ‘SUBMIT’.

We will contact you to provide details and arrange for participation in a Memory Café.