Montessori-Alzheimer Method (Group)

Intensive training for practitioners from the same institution.

This training is intended for intervenors from the same institution. It can be done by Zoom or in person.

Group of 08 to 10 people (multidisciplinary team)
** A cost of $65.00/day will be added for each additional participant.

Time: 12 hours training / 4 modules of 3 hours each ( virtual )

Information: [email protected]


  • Understand the Montessori philosophy, its principles, its approach and how to apply it to people with dementia and other related diseases.
  •  Change our representations and perceptions of the people concerned.
  • Refocus on the person, learn to know him/her and interact with him/her.
  • Enable professionals to better identify and therefore solicit and use the abilities preserved in people with dementia (remaining abilities) and therefore change their view, their way of thinking about both the people they care for and their job.
  • To allow for the adaptation, creation and implementation of activities (of daily life animation…) adapted to the difficulties, capacities, interests and personal tastes of the people in order to increase their engagement in these activities on a daily basis.
  • To allow the person to regain their autonomy through freedom of choice and a sense of control over their own life.
  •  To allow people with dementia to take on social roles, to increase their sense of belonging to a community, notably through meaningful activities and by allowing them to participate as actors in their community.
  • Introduce them to a process for dealing with problematic behaviours, by working with them to find ideas and solutions for a concrete case encountered in their work or living environment.

A certificate will be awarded at the end of the training

Pedagogical methods :

  • Theoretical presentation
  • Questions for reflection/exchanges
  • Case studies
  • Examples/videos based on the application/integration of the Montessori Method in various environments
  • Analysis of problematic behaviors / solutions
  • Practice of the participants in the field between each module and return

Pedagogical tools :

  • PowerPoint
  • Examples Video clips
  • Support tools

Cancellation policy: No refunds will be made less than 10 days before the event.