Our Mission

Our mission…

Based on the Principles of the Montessori Method.

The adapted Montessori method is an approach to normalizing neurological disease (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy body, etc.).

The Montessori Alzheimer Center envisions a new paradigm of care that views those diagnosed as normal people living with a neurological disability.

As such, their abilities, interests and choices will be respected, encouraged and maximized. Patients are encouraged to maintain their respective identities and move through the disease with self-awareness.

Our Mission…

Normalizing People Living with Alzheimer’s…

The professionals at the Montessori Alzheimer Center consider people with Alzheimer’s disease to be essential decision-makers with regard to their physical, psychological and emotional health. Alzheimer’s disease should not limit decision-making or autonomy. It should be supported, not replaced.

Every caregiving experience is a field of research, and treating it as such increases the body of knowledge.

  • Working with the preserved abilities of the person with the disease to maintain or regain the gestures of daily living.
  • Provide choices to allow the person to still control their life, to maintain their independence.
  • Maintain and re-engage the person in their community and living environment.
  • Create and adapt constructive and meaningful activities for the person with the disease.
  • Adapting the physical and social environment to allow people to fully exploit their potential and reduce or eliminate their behavioral problems.
  • Providing means for caregivers and family members to better supportthem.
  • Providing techniques to apply with people who have difficultycommunicating or who have lost their speech.


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