Our promise to you…

We open the doors to a wonderful new world of care that helps you reignite the passion for life in people living with dementia. And we can make this promise because we are the licenced training partner for Dr. Cameron Camp, Director of Research & Development of the Center for Applied Research in Dementia and, also, the originator of the adapted Montessori method to be used with the cognitively impaired.

The Montessori Method Adapted for the Cognitively Impaired will help you…to help them.

How do we fulfill our promise to you?

  • With certified intensive training for groups in residences and LTC’s, as well as for individuals.
  • With conferences and webinars on various topics such as Overcoming Communication Difficulties and Adapted Activities.
  • With credentialing in the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® . We show you how to become credentialed. It is the perfect platform for your community to build a highly acclaimed memory care program that fits your organization’s identity.

The approach works and we can prove it! The Montessori approach improves engagement for both residents and staff.

Applying a deliberate developmental leadership approach leads to greater staff satisfaction and productivity.

From time to time, we offer informative webinars to explain the significant and lasting  benefits of training in the method … training that will allow professionals and other caregivers to adopt and sustain a comprehensive Montessori-based approach in care organizations and in-home care settings.