Relearn everyday gestures

Relearn Everyday Gestures

Relearn everyday gestures thanks to the Montessori Method

Are you living with Alzheimer’s and having difficulty adjusting emotionally?

Do you have a hard time understanding and accepting your condition and facing new challenges?

Do you want to continue living with a quality of life as long as possible at home, while pursuing your activities and your interests?

It is in this perspective that the Montessori approach adapted for people with memory problems can put you back in action in order to regain a certain autonomy and to regain dignity and respect.

The adapted Montessori method allows you to strengthen your capacities to allow you to continue doing things on your own despite your cognitive problems.

The objective of the program is to improve the daily life of those who have memory problems.

We can help both people who have the disease and the loved ones who support them. We even have tools to help responders.


  • Allow the elderly person with the disease to use their existing capacities and skills in order to slow down the loss of autonomy as much as possible;
  • Through cognitive and sensory activities, the participant reconnects with long-term memories and relives the positive emotions that accompany them;
  • Caregivers and the social circle of the person with the disease develop a new perspective on the disease and those affected;
  • Allow the person affected to interact positively with their environment and give them a social role in order to feel valued;
  • Decreased behavioral disorders such as aggression, anxiety and apathy;
  • Allow the person to stay at home as long as possible, with dignity and pleasure.

I am pleased to announce that Cameron Camp, creator of the adaptation of the Montessori Method for people with Alzheimer’s and related dementias, will participate in the two conferences that will take place on October 16 in Montreal and on October 18 in Quebec (in both languages).

A great opportunity to familiarize yourself with this remarkable approach and to educate yourself on how to eventually integrate it into your professional and personal life.