Adapted Activities for dementia patients in the home environment

Adapted Activities for dementia patients in the home environment Created by : Kristine Niskanen A person living with dementia has the same needs as everyone else.  The person wants to socialize, participate in engaging activities, interact with family, be included in household activities and to be asked for advice.  The person still wants and needs…

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Montessori for Seniors

Montessori for Seniors…the Montessori Approach to Aging – Montessori for seniors, also known as the Montessori approach to aging, is an adaptation of the Montessori educational philosophy that is tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by older adults, particularly those with cognitive impairments or dementia. The Montessori method, originally developed by Dr….

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Positive Financial Benefits of Credentialing

The positive financial benefits of credentialing are significant. That’s why LTC’s and other memory care residences are exploring how to become a Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® Credentialed Residence – There are definitely positive financial benefits of credentialing. You’ll see a return on investment (ROI) after implementing person-centered care with activity adaptation for residents with dementia, and…

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Montessori Principles to Overcome Communication Difficulties

Montessori principles to overcome communication difficulties between you and the person with cognitive impairment.     How Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia affect communication: Problems paying attention during long conversations. Repeated use of common words. Difficulty calling an object or person by name. Difficulty registering and reusing information in one’s daily life. Easy…

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Disruptive Behaviors – Ever Try Lavender Baths?

Ever Try Lavender Baths for Disruptive Behaviors?-centre-motessori-alzheimer

Disruptive Behaviors – Ever Try Lavender Baths? When it takes three experienced staff members to convince, cajole, and physically coax a resident to take a bath, you know something is not right. Disruptive behaviors can be managed in a better way. After several traumatic bathing sessions with Mrs. Delaney*, the staff and management realized they needed…

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Relational Care Can Enrich Lives

How to Enrich the Lives of Orderlies and Residents

Relational Care Can Enrich the Lives of Staff and Residents. Orderlies who work in assisted living and long-term care residences have a tough job. Not only is the work physically and mentally demanding, but they have to walk a fine line because while the ‘job’ must be done, the orderly is actually there to serve…

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Learning About Life History Matters


Learning about the life history of a person with dementia will help you help them. André, a new resident at an assisted living home in Quebec, was lonely and unhappy due to the loss of his wife and difficulties caused by Parkinson’s disease. During a casual visit with André, a staff member asked him about his past….

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Dementia Care


Dementia Care The Montessori method adapted for the cognitively impaired – a method based on rehabilitation and adaptive techniques – provides the nexus between the perception of the person living with dementia and the reality of that person. Recognizing the whole person and working to bring out the very best in them is what helps…

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