Gioia Sallustio

Montessori Alzheimer Quebec Canada

“I had the great privilege to attend a training given by Mr. Marc Norris on the Montessori method applied to the accompaniment of people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s.
What a revelation it was for me, as well as a great relief, to learn how the philosophy of Maria Montessori could be applied to the care of these people, despite their degenerative cognitive conditions.
The fact that they can have the chance to choose and decide for themselves how they live and what they do, despite their impairments and declining condition, has given me hope for the quality of life of these people, the maintenance of their dignity and respect for them, until the end of their lives.
I believe that anyone who is called upon to intervene or provide care to these people, e.g. caregivers, personal care attendants, nurses, auxiliaries, therapists, doctors, etc., would benefit from taking this training. I would even say that it should be an integral part of the curricula of health professionals.”