The Montessori Method… Isn’t it for Children?

A tried and tested method celebrating 100 years of existence. 

When you hear the name Montessori, you immediately think of the very special schools that exist all over the world. This teaching method has been around for over 100 years and is based on principles that enable children to learn for themselves.  As a result, they are better able to adapt and develop their creativity. Development is at the heart of the method, and its philosophy is based on the universal human values of self-respect, listening, benevolence and empathy.

Montessori to the rescue of people with cognitive disorders.

Closer to home, Professor Cameron J. Camp, a renowned American psychologist specializing in gerontology, has adapted the Montessori method for older people with cognitive disorders. His approach is based on an in-depth understanding of each individual’s life history, in order to adapt activities to their specific needs.  The method aims to help older people maintain their remaining abilities and function better on a daily basis. For carers, support organizations and healthcare professionals, learning the method offers invaluable tools for providing better support to these individuals and improving their quality of life.

Did you know that practical training courses are offered by the Montessori Alzheimer Center?

The Montessori Alzheimer Center offers training courses, workshops and conferences, both face-to-face and online, in English and French.  The approach aims to improve the individual’s autonomy, learn to better manage behavior and maintain dignity despite the disease. Strategies for communicating better and managing difficult behavior are also presented.

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Élise Fortin, Web Copywriter

(Translated from original written in French)