The Way We Care for Persons Living with Dementia

The Way we Care for Persons Living with Dementia

They say that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity.  When it comes to the way we care for persons living with dementia, that’s what many, many care providers are still doing after all these years.

In much of the world, we are still failing to provide a humanized, person-centered method of care.  Staff and persons living with dementia are basically plodding through their days because the same methods, routine tasks and ho-hum activities are repeated day after day, year after year.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our human nature demands that we take part in meaningful activities and engage in enriching social roles. It demands that we are involved in decision making related to our daily lives and well being.

This is as true for persons living with dementia as it is for those who are not.

We absolutely must change the way we view dementia and the way we care for persons living with dementia.

Example: Resident Committees

Organizing a resident committee is a standard expectation in Montessori Inspired Lifestyle® residences and an excellent way to create an environment to grow and break social isolation through social networking.

The benefits derived from being part of a resident committee cannot be overstated.

For example, in one particular residence, committee members are taking on important and fulfilling social roles such as welcoming new residents into their communities, taking part in interviews of prospective staff members, making decisions on how they’ll commemorate the passing of their neighbours, giving presentations to conferences of physicians on what life is like in their communities, and more.

These activities are facilitated and directed by nurturing teams of Montessori-trained staff members who have completely changed their personal view of dementia, and they’re reaping the rewards every day.

Discover a powerful approach to dementia care that will totally change your perspective on dementia and the way we care for persons living with dementia.

When you consider the high staff turnover rate in the industry, more than ever it makes sense to invest training dollars wisely.

The time has come to invest in training that will deliver a great ROI and that means training that is about much more than just providing basic and routine care.

The kind of training that is geared to give a great return on investment is all about an approach and a lifestyle that is guaranteed to build a stronger, more positive rapport between employees and generally benefit everyone concerned; a method that let’s us convey information in a way that is easily understood by persons living with dementia and help us develop an engaging life enrichment program that actually transforms the culture of the organization and ultimately frees up staff time dramatically!

These are the people employers must attract and retain in order to operate highly reputable and profitable memory care residences, long term care facilities or community organizations offering care for persons living with dementia.  

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