Depression and Alzheimer’s Disease

Depression and Alzheimer’s disease- A More Important Link Than it Seems? (The Montessori method in the service of psychological care.) This article on depression and Alzheimer’s disease was translated from: Dépression et maladie d’Alzheimer, un lien plus important qu’il n’y parait??? by  Emma VIDAL, Clinical psychologist and Montessori teacher. February 1, 2023. DEPRESSION IN THE…

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Loss of Independence with Alzheimer’s

Giving Choices

Loss of Independence with Alzheimer’s and Other Types of Dementia:   Alzheimer’s disease is a cognitive disorder that can significantly affect the independence of seniors. As it advances, cognitive abilities typically decline, leading to a loss of independence with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. This reduced independence is frequently caused by cognitive function decline, which…

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