Benefits of Using Montessori-Alzheimer Method

Benefits of Using the Montessori-Alzheimer Method

One of the objectives of all Montessori Alzheimer Centre trainings is to increase stability, loyalty and commitment on the part of staff members by providing a humanizing and creative environment for the cognitively impaired and their caregivers. This, in turn, will promote greater staff satisfaction and productivity. At the Montessori Alzheimer Centre, we are committed…

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Current Approach vs. Montessori Approach

At the Montessori Alzheimer Center, we are committed to giving you proven, functional strategies and tactics to resolve – among other things – the communication difficulties and confusing behaviors often experienced by caregivers, practitioners and those with Alzheimer’s disease.   All of our programs are geared to implementing person-centered approaches to care. Take a look at…

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Relearn everyday gestures

Relearn Everyday Gestures

Relearn everyday gestures thanks to the Montessori Method Are you living with Alzheimer’s and having difficulty adjusting emotionally? Do you have a hard time understanding and accepting your condition and facing new challenges? Do you want to continue living with a quality of life as long as possible at home, while pursuing your activities and…

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Help Me Do it Alone

Help Me Do it Alone Quite a title isn’t it? What does it mean ‘help me do it alone?” Our society puts too much emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease, the labels and symptoms generally associated with the disease. But little  emphasis is placed on the people who suffer from the disease. Do you know what your…

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Helping caregivers in their daily lives

Helping caregivers in their daily lives How does the Montessori method adapted for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease provide support and a solution for caregivers in their daily lives? Following a diagnosis of cognitive impairment in a loved one, the caregiver considers himself or herself capable of meeting the challenge alone and often for a few…

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Putting a smile on your face

Putting a smile on your face while living with cognitive impairment.  Do you perceive the disease as a loss of identity and individuality of the whole person? In his book “The Myth of Alzheimer’s Disease”, author Peter Whitehouse proposes a redefinition and reconstruction of our language about the disease. According to him, our perceptions of…

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