Prepare for the Future in LTC

Q: How can the training and implementation of the adapted Montessori method of care equip us to meet the challenges that LTC owners and executives face as they prepare for the future in LTC? Additionally, it’s important to consider how the choice of care method is instrumental in our success in overcoming these challenges. A:…

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Dementia Training

Dementia Training Using the Adapted Montessori Approach – the integration of Montessori methods into dementia care, and dementia training, represents a pioneering approach to enhancing the quality of life for individuals living with dementia. This approach leverages principles originally designed for educational settings, particularly for children, and adapts them to the needs of adults experiencing…

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Alzheimer’s Consultant and Dementia Training Expert

Alzheimer’s Consultant and Dementia Training Expert If you’re searching for a well-qualified Alzheimer’s Consultant and Dementia Training Expert – someone to talk to about Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia – you would be well-advised to contact: Mark Norris, M. Ed, Director of the Montessori Alzheimer Center Mark is a Special Care Counsellor and…

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Solutions for Safer Environments

Solutions for Safer Environments- When healthcare employees and personal caregivers learn disruptive behavior solutions for safer environments, everyone benefits. When they truly understand what is behind disruptive behaviors and have learned how to diffuse them, it’s a win-win all around. The 5 Beneficiaries: Persons with dementia are the primary beneficiaries. When healthcare employees understand how…

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Importance of Cognitive Disorders Training

Meaningful interactions

The Importance of Cognitive Disorders Training – Cognitive disorders, encompassing conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, have become increasingly prevalent as our population ages. These disorders can have a profound impact on individuals and their families, affecting memory, thinking, and behavior. However, the profound impact can be lessened when we understand the importance of cognitive…

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Disruptive Behaviors – Ever Try Lavender Baths?

Ever Try Lavender Baths for Disruptive Behaviors?-centre-motessori-alzheimer

Disruptive Behaviors – Ever Try Lavender Baths? When it takes three experienced staff members to convince, cajole, and physically coax a resident to take a bath, you know something is not right. Disruptive behaviors can be managed in a better way. After several traumatic bathing sessions with Mrs. Delaney*, the staff and management realized they needed…

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