Training Programs

We are the Authorized Canadian Licensee of the Center for Applied Research in Dementia whose Director of Research & Development – Cameron J. Camp, PhD. – is the Originator of the Montessori Method Adapted for the Cognitively Impaired.

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Intensive training for practitioners from the same institution.

This training is intended for intervenors from the same institution. It can be done by Zoom or in person.

Group of 08 to 10 people (multidisciplinary team)
** A cost of $65.00/day will be added for each additional participant.

Time: 12 hours training / 4 modules of 3 hours each ( virtual )





Intensive individual training for health/social services/community organizations adapted for those with cognitive disabilities.

This training is also available on-site for community organizations (special rate) working with family caregivers ( travel expenses are at the expense of the applicant).

For caregivers from the same institution, we invite you to check out this → training ←

*Do not hesitate to contact us even if the dates we propose do not suit you, we can adapt to your availability

12 hours training / 4 modules of 3 hours each ( virtual )

First Quarter 2022 Dates:

FEBRUARY: February 14, February 16, February 18 and February 24, 2022

MARCH: March 16, March 17, March 21 and March 25, 2022

Each online session runs from 1:00 – 4:00 PM Eastern

Fee is per person and includes all 4 sessions.

The cost of the training includes support tools

A complimentary 90-minute follow-up session is also included.

Group size: Min: 8 participants, max.10 participants

Training offered throughout Canada

Information :




Memory Cafes ( by Zoom )

The Montessori Alzheimer Center is aware of the growing need for people with recent cognitive disorders to express themselves, to exchange and the lack of resources to support them.

For these reasons, we will set up virtual Memory Cafés for those in the mild stage.


  • Break the isolation and loneliness
  • Provide an opportunity to share in a safe and empathetic environment
  • Improve quality of life for a better control of it, despite the disease
  • Learn new strategies and skills to better cope with various challenges (communication, conflict resolution, etc.)

These groups will meet twice a month or according to the wishes of the participants.

Maximum 10 to 12 per group.



Free support workshop for caregivers / organizations with Zoom training in the Montessori Method for the Cognitively Impaired

This workshop is offered free of charge to caregivers/agencies who have taken  Zoom training in this Montessori Method


  • To share with other participants your challenges and successes, as a result of the training, with the goal of finding and offering ongoing support.
  • To provide you with an opportunity to improve your quality of life and strengthen your ties with the Montessori community.