Alzheimer’s Consultant and Dementia Training Expert

Alzheimer’s Consultant and Dementia Training Expert

If you’re searching for a well-qualified Alzheimer’s Consultant and Dementia Training Expert – someone to talk to about Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia – you would be well-advised to contact:

Mark Norris, M. Ed, Director of the Montessori Alzheimer Center

Mark is a Special Care Counsellor and a Certified ADHD Coach. He has also studied in the field of Social Gerontology. He enjoyed a rich and rewarding teaching career that spanned 15 years at the CEGEP du Vieux Montréal and focused on special care counseling.

Later, Mark studied the dementia training program: Montessori Method Adapted for the Cognitively Impaired with two foremost experts in the field: Dr. Cameron J. Camp * (creator of the adapted Montessori method) and Jerome Erkes of AG-D.

For several years Mark has been a dedicated practitioner and instructor in that scientifically proven dementia training program.

Mr. Norris is a Highly Qualified Alzheimer’s Consultant and

Dementia Training Expert

Fully conversant with the methods and principles of adult education, he used his expanded knowledge of the adapted Montessori method to develop his unique brand of educational programs for Canadians. Mark offers dementia training in both official languages.

Mark creates a dynamic learning experience packed with relevant and real-life examples about the subject matter.

Not only an Alzheimer’s Consultant but a Skilled Instructor

for those Seeking Dementia Training

With his dementia training programs and various conferences for professional and family caregivers now widely available and well attended, Mark and other members of the team envision a whole new world when it comes to the care and treatment of seniors living with dementia in Canada.

Mark is passionate about his calling and enthusiastically embraces every opportunity to share his knowledge, information, advice, and insights about helping people living with cognitive disorders.

Mark will expound on the importance of identifying and encouraging the use of preserved capacities and how we must focus on what the afflicted person can do, and not what they are no longer able to do.

* Mark Norris is the official training partner of the Center for Applied Research in Dementia whose Director of Research & Development is Cameron J. Camp, PhD.

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