G.R. Operations Director

Montessori Alzheimer Quebec Canada

“I first found out about the Montessori Method adapted to people with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive impairments in April 2021. I was immediately attracted by the humanity of the method – people centered – and I have decided to follow the intensive 12 hours training proposed by the Montessori Alzheimer Society. During this training I acquired a lot of information I can now apply in my everyday professional life.

I was surprised to see how easy and fast the techniques and activities can be applied. I am delighted to be able to respect the principles the Montessori Method proposes for daily activities, among which: ask the person what her interests are, give the residents a choice to do what they like.

Applying the Montessori Method in our daily life with the residents improved both the life of the residents, but also the daily life of the employees. A lot of the reactive behaviors can be approached and modified by giving the residents the opportunity to make choices for themselves and to actively participate in their wellbeing.”